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1882 Land Deed

Posted by Michael on January 21, 2007

This is a scan from the original document. The document is in good condition, but much larger than my scanner. Therefore it had to be scanned in four pieces and then overlapped. You will see artifacting from this overlap. There are small holes where the fold lines intersect.

This deed documents the transfer of ownership of a parcel of land in Norwich, New London County, Connecticut, from Willim P. Kelley to James F.(?) Nolan. The total amount of land was ‘two acres more or less’, and the purchase price was $1.

The land measurements used were Rods (16.5 Feet) and Links (7.92 inches). Due to the way they documented the location of the parcel, there isn’t any way to truely find it or photograph it. Since the department that deals with land records in Norwich City Hall isn’t open on weekends, I haven’t had a chance to look up any information there.

Dates listed on the Deed:

  • November 26, 1881
  • January 25, 1882

Names Listed on the Deed:

  • William P. Kelley – Sprague, Connecticut. No notable history. Signature present.
  • James F.(?) Nolan – Norwich, Connecticut. No notable history.
  • O.(?) O.(?) Freeman – Justice of the Peace. No notable history. Signature present.
  • Charles A. Burnham – Stationer. 174 Main Str. Norwich, Conn. Printed at top of the deed.
  • Undecipherable Signature.

If anyone has any information about anyone or anything mentioned in this deed, please email me at ctexplorers@gmail.com. You will be credited for your information. A higher resolution version of this document is available upon request.

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