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Posted by Michael on April 4, 2007

No I haven’t forgotten about this place, I’ve just haven’t had any time in real life.

The last time I posted, my wife was fairly involved in helping out with a wedding. While attending, turns out that photographer was a no show, and I was elected to fill in. While the hall was a great place for the party, the lighting was absolutely abysmal. Over the course of the next week, I spent hours trying to clean up the photos, clean up the wedding video, and and set up a memory DVD for mass burning.

On top of that we finally closed on the house we wanted, and now are in the process of repairs. Its a fairly young house considering the age of the neighborhood (Greeneville, incorporated I believe in 1826), but it’s still nearly 100 years old. The electricity is antiquated, all the walls are plaster (need to fix the cracks), and the plumbing needs some help. We have a lot of work to do, but the house is magnificent.

Add the fact that my wife and I have been slammed at work (lots of overtime), we just haven’t had time to explore, and I haven’t had time to properly research any of the subject I want to write about. The way things are going, its going to be at least a month before I can get back to serious work on Exploring Forgotten Connecticut. Please hang in there, we’ll be back as soon as we can.




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Quick Update

Posted by Michael on March 17, 2007

Life has been quite hectic over the last month or so. We are currently in the process of trying to close a house, preparing to move, a wedding we are involved with, and work has now thrown quite a bit of overtime our way. Sowe appologize for the lack of posts and interesting explorations, but real life intervenes…

And we really really want this house 🙂

Because of the latest snow storm, I don’t plan on wandering around to tomorrow, so I should be able to get something out for all of you. Thanks for staying around and for your patience.



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Taft Tunnel – Update

Posted by Michael on February 26, 2007

My wonderful wife found me a treasure on Ebay (as she often does). It’s a Lisbon Fire Department patch the clearly shows a train traveling through a tunnel. The motto ‘The First Railroad Tunnel in America’ lends credence to the claim that it actually is the first railroad tunnel in America (there is some debate about whether it or Staple Bend Tunnel is the first.)

I appologize for not putting out another post over the weekend, as real life often gets in the way. But I have a number of subjects to write about.

  • Samuel Huntington (First President under the Articles of Confederation)
  • Benedict Arnold
  • Uncas the Mohegan Sachem
  • Capehart Mill of Greeneville, CT
  • Ponemah Mill of Taftville, CT
  • 2 hand drawn maps of Norwich, CT (both 1876 & 1912)
  • Etc.

 So please stop by again in the future! ctexplorers@gmail.com


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Old and/or Historical Documents

Posted by Michael on January 21, 2007

My wife and I sometimes come across old documents from time to time, and we’ll share them with you along with any history we dig up. We’ll post a scanned copy of the document with a link to a higher resolution version. Unfortunately there are a few things we won’t do:

  • The documents are not up for public display, no exceptions. This is mostly for privacy reasons. If you need a even higher resolution copy of the scanned document, you can email us, we’ll be glad to do it.
  • The documents are not up for sale, no exceptions. I understand that families like to collect old documents signed by their ancestors, but most documents have 2+ signatures from different families. I’m not going to choose which family to give/donate/sell to.
  • We do not authenticate nor guarantee the authenticity of any of the documents we display here, nor do we guarantee the history/facts we present from our research. We try to be as accurate as we possibly can, but errors to creep in and sometimes different accounts contradict each other.
  • We are not in the business of buying documents. Basically because we cannot afford the prices most Document Vendors charge.

We welcome any corrections to the history/facts about our documents, and will credit the source. Correspondance is encouraged, and we would love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by!


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