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Our New Logo

Posted by Michael on January 14, 2007

Couldn’t get out this weekend to do any exploring. First off, the weather wasn’t cooperating, which isn’t unusual because:

  1. This is New England…
  2. It’s the middle of Winter.

But the number one reason why we couldn’t go exploring this weekend is because (drum roll please!)

My daughter came down with Scarlet Fever.

We spent all morning and most of the afternoon at the emergency room at Backus Hospitol trying to figure out why she was covered in red spots and lumps. The strange thing was that didn’g itch, and she felt fine. But apparently it’s Scarlet fever, and our medical insurace doesn’t want to pay for the medication. So we went back and forth a bit…

Enough about that. I spent a little time creating the first version of our logo. Its fairly rough, so expect it to change in the future.

Next is a copy of our calling card. We leave these in places we have visited and explored.

Its based on a card we had discovered and photographed in an old mill near Norwich, CT. The ‘Explorers of Curious & Historical Objects’ was on the card, which we borrowed. Their tagline was ‘Pursuing Forgotten Places’, while we changed ours to ‘Exploring Our Past, Preserving Our Future…’ The person’s name on the card was ‘The Invisible’, which was true, because I couldn’t find anything on the ‘net about ‘The Invisible’ or E.C.H.O.

Invisible, if you ever stumble upon this, let me say that you have been an inspiration and I hope it was ok that we borrowed the E.C.H.O. title.

The first batch of the cards had to be thrown away because, I, in my infinite wisdom, misspelled ‘preserving’, making it ‘perserving’. Five pages of expensive parchment down the drain… 🙂

Until next time,



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Welcome to Exploring Forgotten Connecticut!

Posted by Michael on January 13, 2007

Thanks for stopping in. Right at the moment we are setting up the blog, and testing out various features, trying to determine what would be best…

About us:

We, Shadow Wolf and myself, enjoy wandering around Connecticut, exploring forgotten, abandoned and historic places. We then document our visits with photos and video. Next we’ll try to research the area we investigated, learn any interesting facts and then present it to you. Connecticut has an incredibly rich history, so we shouldn’t be hurting for  areas to discover.

So please visit us again soon!


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